Why start dancing? Why not?! :)

What is the very first thought that comes to your mind when you hear a word *dance*? None? Here, in this video, there are some inspiring suggestions 🙂

Dancing is something magical. Two people – leader and follower – are connected in a very special bond that allows them to understand each other without words. They dance together to create a visual picture with movements, personalities, moods and emotions. And if all four elements are included – the dance is simply awesome and stunning.

Everyone has at least once in a lifetime seen a dance being danced in a way like it is a little play: emotions, technical movements, nice music and connection between partners, like they are at least lovers. Weren’t there also a thought right afterwards, “I wish, I could do it like that…”. And then: “But…”, followed by a number of excuses, e.g. i don’t have a partner, i have two left feet, I am not suitable for dancing,… I can tell you one thing – dancing is one of the best things on earth, and one must try it. One asks how to start? Here it is 🙂

Choose the dance you would like to learn to dance. My suggestion – social dances, like salsa or bachata, because they are more social, so there are many people to dance with, talk about it, or practice with. But one can choose anything one likes (standard dances – valtz, tango, quickstep, etc; latin dances – salsa, samba, rumba, cha cha, jive, etc; modern stuff – jazz, lindyhop). People still feel more connected and it doesn’t really matter if they dance solo line dance, salsa or sirtaki.

Dancing is a physical activity, that makes the brain produce endorphins – happiness hormones – one feels happy by doing it. One can also choose the music that one likes. What can be better? Spending time with great rhythmic music, getting happy and even burn some colories 🙂 Dancing also improves your posture and teach you to control your body. Once you learn it, it makes you feel and act more feminine/masculine, and to be more confident.  Girls who learn some styling are usually slightly more attractive, and the guys who can dance – definitely knows how to treat women. Dancing is a WIN-WIN activity 🙂

Start dancing!

Take a look at some videos of the dance you would like to learn. Take some classes to learn basic steps, turns, some other basic elements. And put it into practice, with as many different partners as possible 🙂