Basic steps alternatives PART 2

So one year later after the first part of “Basic steps alternatives” was published – the second part emerges! What were we talking about? Oh, right, basic steps. It’s easy, you say. And I say it’s basic because it’s fundamental, not because it’s easy 🙂

In previous post we talked about the formula:

Basic step = direction x weight transfer x timing, meaning that a step is different depending on the values of direction, placement of weight and timing

Let’s take a look at 3 more alternatives of the basic steps – tango step, broken basic and front-together-back-together.

Tango step

I call it tango step, because it reminds me of tango and it requires good skills of leading with your body. So if one wants to do this step, here is what one should do.

Starting in a leaders position ready to go with your left foot. As we know leaders are normally (but not necessarily) start moving to the left. But in this case one is going to step forward crossing the left food and placing it in front of the right foot and moving the weight (fully) there. Then since we have our right leg free – we will even both feet out placing them together and changing the weight. And finally stepping again with the left feet we will cross backwards this time and moving the weight back to the left foot while placing it behind the right feet and to finish it with a tap with extended right leg as far as it’s comfortable without compromising the balance. So the principle in short, cross forward, together, cross backwards and tap, and the second part of music – cross backwards, together, cross forward, tap. Followers do exactly the same just start from the second part and do the first part afterwards. One can repeat it as many times as one wants. It’s important to know that when we do this step – our body is moving as a single unit, meaning that cross means not only cross of the leg but also rotating the whole body together.

I saw this one from D&D – Daniel Y Desiree and tried it. It’s not overly complicate but very nice!

Broken basic

The broken basic is a figure from Gabryel & Bego from my first festival ever… Bachaturo 2013. And it actually looks a bit like tango step, but it is a bit different.

We start in the same position. Instead of crossing, we rotate the body to the left (45*) and step forward while transferring the weight then rotate the body to the right and change the weight to the right. And then step crossing with the left foot to place the foot in front of the right foot + a tap. And to get back to 1, we rotate again to the left and step backwards changing weight to the right, rotate to the right and step backwards again with a weight change, and finally step backwards while crossing and changing weight + a tap. In this figure it’s also important to rotate whole body then it looks best. The followers do the same just opposite order 🙂


Yet another alternative – front-together-back-together. Interesting variation to do either on your own while solo dancing, but also applicable in the partner-work.

It’s actually doesn’t matter which leg you start it with. in partner work we move together while doing this figure. And the figure is quite straightforward. Stepping forward and changing weight, puting feet together and changing weight, stepping back with the same feet like doing the first step. It helps to rotate the body a bit towards the side of the feet is going forward/backwards for styling.


There are of course even more variations of the basic steps. But youtube full of them. Find what you like, try, learn, enjoy dancing, repeat! 🙂