Bachata Day 2015

Last weekend was one of the most amazing dancing weekends in my life. I was in Milan, Italy, where the third Bachata Day congress was taking place. Bachata Day is a congress for bachata and kizomba lovers.  3 days – 60 workshops with the best teachers of the world, including Daniel and Desireé (Spain), Chaves and Silvia (Spain), Gabriel and Bego (Spain), Ataca and la Alemana (USA) and many many others talented teachers.

Those three intense days of wonders flew through like a wind leaving super good memories. I could recall myself looking at the dancefloor at 3am, still full of people and enjoying it at the fullest. And saying, “Look, there is so many people like you”. People, who are more passionate about dancing than about socializing, who goes to another country to become a better dancers, to improve, practice. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to socialize, but when it comes to dancing, I prefer dancing instead of chit chatting about weather, just because of chatting.

Actually, I have met a couple of interesting people down there, that were very nice to talk to. I’ve been surprised of a level of dancers in Israel. Maybe  those two were more exceptions than rule, but their skills were absolutely stunning. Perfect leading, listening to music (musicality), charming personalities! 🙂 I would consider visiting Israel for dancing purposes one day after getting to know those two guys 🙂

We also discussed the importance of musicality in dancing, which I never noticed (or didn’t pay attention). One can notice, then dancing with some people is interesting, challenging, and exciting. Others, however are using all the fancy figures, but just don’t catch one up. Just like that. During those three days/nights of dancing I finally made it clear to myself that what makes difference. It is ability to listen to music, and improvize based on what one hears. ( I should propbably study it a bit more and make a post dedicated for musicality).

To conclude: if one wants to learn something new, improve and get better in dancing – one must go to congresses. To dance with as many different people as possible. It is irreplaceable experience! One small tip – choose to live in a hotel, where all the workshops are happening. Saves walking, and gives more resting hours. I learned it hard way.